This Won't Be Your Usual Horoscope Reading!

Do you wish you can own an 'UNDO' button in life? Are you in desperate need of a change but simply don't know what to do?

Hi I'm Jassy Clover, many prefer to call me Jass or JC. So feel free to take your pick! ūüėÉ

As a professional astrologer, I have seen hundreds of cases, with each one being unique and special of its own. Before you punch in your card details for the offer, let us first assess if this something of a good fit for you:
  • You dream of a better future constantly but feel utterly powerless to make your visions come true..
  • ‚ÄčYou look at your life and wondered ‚ÄúHow did I even end up here?‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúIs this just it?‚ÄĚ..
  • You can‚Äôt let go of the past and agonise over what you could have done differently..
  • ‚ÄčYou‚Äôve tried to change but failed more times than you can count on..
  • ‚ÄčYou want something better for your life, but you don‚Äôt know where to start..
  • ‚ÄčYou applied the same strategies used by other successful people, you read up almost every self-help and motivational books, but still, you are no where near to your goals
If the above sounds much like you, you've come to the right place! 
I can't guarantee this will get you the EXACT results you wanted (to be realistic, nothing has a guarantee in life) But there is one thing I am confident - you will be able to see positive results once you apply the tools and techniques of astrology strategically into your life!
  • Realise your possibilities for self development¬†
  • Eliminate uncertainties in your next career move¬†
  • ‚ÄčDiscover how best to use astrology for personal gains
  • Strengthen and finding meanings to your relationships
  • ‚ÄčUnblock clutters to welcome newer and better things in life
  • ‚ÄčGain inner peace and clarity to what matters¬†
  • ‚ÄčAmplify innate gifts with the opportunities on hand!
insideclover astrology consultancy forecast
1. Your Natal Chart Report:  
  • Gain in-depth overview to your true self, innate potentials, motivations, career path and emotional strength.¬†
  • Providing clarity and sense of self-realisation.¬†
  • Magnetise abundance and attract personal benefits and developments and so much more!
  • ‚ÄčAll interpretations are based on the combination of your birth date, birth time and location of birth.
  • ‚ÄčAnd very RARE chance your chart will share the same configuration with another person..
  • ‚ÄčUsual Price $59
  • A 6 months Forecast Report: Date of Order to next 6 months ahead. Get an accurate foresight from the stars on the next upcoming opportunities and low energy periods to take note of
  • Theme of the event: Is this an opportunity or a challenge presented? Does it bring tidings or is this a lesson to be learnt?
  • The duration and period of each event:¬†How long is the obstacle here to stay or should you decide to scale and amplify an opportunity?
  • ‚ÄčDoes it surround career advancement? Obstructions from bosses? Delays in projects? Low period in sales? A potential love affair? Meeting of a soul-mate? Potential losses in investment? Health matters? Migration potential? Or simply a time to gain spiritual strength to gain clarity to self?
  • ‚ÄčUsual Price $59
  • Astrology fundamentals eBook
  • A must-have reference guide book to find out more about the make up of your cosmic chart or to know more about astrology and how it influences you
  • ‚ÄčDecode the language of the Universe
  • ‚ÄčFind out your dominant element and energies
  • ‚ÄčDiscover each symbol and sign and the qualities they represent.¬†
  • ‚ÄčLearn about the terminologies of modern astrology. A great and simple reference!
  • ‚ÄčUsual Price $19
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What Others Have Experienced...
Can't imagine that there's so many versions of me from the different zodiacs interpreted. I kept thinking something was wrong with me from the way I give and receive love, until I saw my Venus star and Mars sign, I got more awareness and accepted myself more.. Real awakening reports. Highly recommended! - Josie H.
Gotten the cosmic reports and special consultation offer. At first I'm really sceptical and thought since there's 7 days return on the reports why not?? But then in the end, the in-depth analysis.. is definitely money well-spent! Come to think of it.. TBH, it's been years that I can't come to terms with the way I'm handling things around.. and I'm so glad that I've found acceptance and able to embrace myself fully. Inner peace and clarity achieved! - Pamela G.
2 words to describe - Wow & Mind-blown! Knowing the reasons to my continuous negativities are the best take-away in my entire session with Jass. Gotta farm on my Fire element and nurture my Airy stars! "What could be even better if you can take charge of your destiny by strategising around the dark moments and making them work for you in a positive light?" I never will forget these words. Thanks again Jass! - Kenneth Y.
Jass has been spot on deciphering of my personality  and how it affects and influences the way how I make decisions at work. I got to know so much about my Midheaven and after learning about how transits forecasts work, I am now in a better position to plan my schedule and work around, I'd say hiccups still happen but I can cushion them and when its good time, it is in a much better position for me!  - Ben K.
Thanks for your patience Jass! I've seen few astrologers but none of them provided me with comprehensive overview of what my truest self can be! All I was told was that I was doomed, I have so many afflicted stars and aspects.. until you pointed out the beauty of these 'curse stars' in me. I love the way how you see my negativities from a positive light, and this helps me so much in gaining back the confidence and faith in myself. I've learnt to love my 'dark' stars and training them to grow along with me :)  After knowing about my Saturn sq Moon and my heavy 8th house aspects, I have better acceptance to why certain things happened to me in such a way. I've embraced these life lessons and grow better from here. - Yuliah V.
Slammed with tough time at work..+ a failing relationship sent me seeking for answers-I believe it's fate that I came across your site.. Thanks for the compatibility synastry chart you've done up for me.. I can now see the dynamic behind the relationship shared between me and my bf.. my ego played such a big role that if I'd not seek an answer soon.. I am pretty sure that a break-up is inevitable.. I learnt how best to compromise in the relationship without jeopardizing my own needs... Also to control my impulsive 'FIRE' and channel them to greater causes and get things done rather than just flaring up all the time.. The only regret I have with you?? Why did I take so long to come to you??? - Kelly D.
Total costs to everything = $137
What if I am willing to take my best shot on you? 
Here's what I want to do for you...
  • ‚ÄčI WON'T want you to pay the full amount of $137 that these are so much worth for.
  • ¬†I WON'T even want you to invest half of that amount.
  • I am fine with you to just offset some of my costs and a portion of the expenses.
  • ‚ÄčI'm taking a full $100 off so that you can feel at ease to take this first step
Why are you doing this? What’s the catch?
There is no catch or other hidden costs

These cosmic reports have significantly benefit so many others and I believe they can do the same thing for you too, and in a much soulful way.. I do not want you to miss out on this great offer. These are reports with great value in helping you achieve deeper clarity and to embrace what lies ahead in the new year!

I believe in the value of giving back. Not only I'm absorbing $100 from what these are worth, there's also a 7-days back policy to your orders, so as to put you at ease.  I hope you'll be able to see the great value in what I've put together and start working with me in very near future for other greater benefits too! Also as an effort to protect the Earth, all reports are delivered electronically, you can save on shipping and printing costs too! 
How's That For A Fair Deal? Are You Ready?
You Can Be Just Like One Of Them!
3 days into the working world, I was close to being shown to the door.. I was feeling lost, confused and demoralized.. This was when I met Jass.. Thanks to her guidance, I understand myself better and obtained some clues as to how I can sail through the rogue waves of life. Her readings were amazingly accurate and with her consultations, I have now a better understanding of Astrology. Once again, I would like to give my greatest appreciation to Jass - Don. K
The readings provided by Jass was very detailed and accurate. It allows me to understand myself better as a person and also to know what entails for me in my near future. It is a very good reference point which can be used to nurture myself to become a better person hence I would recommend anyone to Jass. You'll be surprised of what she can do for you in terms of her fruitful and solid advice given! - Elyn C.
Amazing reports and know a great deal about myself and how to navigate tough times ahead with these forecast reports. Nothing beats having a consultation with you to clarify all the points. I'd say this is one of my best investments before the year ends! - Louisa F
Gotten very good relationship and career advice here. I got a better understanding of myself and my personality. Highly accurate and definitely recommended! Thumbs UP!
- Aaron T.
Only upon exploring Astrology myself then do I realised that these have nothing to do with superstitions or hocus pocus theories.. I'm surprised there are still some people out there who don't even dare to try for fear of self-prophecy or whatsoever.. C'mon! I'd say this is a gem and why live in denial where you can gain light and clarity to how to live a better and fulfilled life! Well I did and I'm happily living it! The reports are good if you aren't ready for a full-fledge consultations but I'd say just spend that money. It's so worthwhile. - Minnie A.
1st breakthrough: fixing my relationship with my gf thanks for shedding insights on the theme of our relationship (ain't easy but I tried to overcome my negativities and pride!) 2nd breakthrough: achieved more sales after knowing how to activate my Rising Star to win over my clients. 3rd breakthrough: Working on myself over and over again reminding me on all the positivities in my Water element and trine aspects. I'm very sure my Pluto-Jupiter-Mercury will mean something BIG in my writing career! Thanks Jass - Kumata W.
If you are like me who prefer to skimp to the very end of the offer, here it is:
I'm taking a full $100 off from the usual $137 and offering 3 great offers that are powerful enough to allow you to rediscover your truest self and to create greater empowerment in your life!
With year 2020 approaching, get this report today to fully understand what  
  • Savings: I'm taking a full $100 off from the UP $137 without jeopardising the quality of the offers
  • Natal Report: A copy of your astrology profiling chart that reveals an in-depth overview to your truest self, how you can activate your innate potentials, motivations, your ideal career path and emotional strength and so much more. Without knowing who you are, you can't conquer and win over yourself. Only by winning over yourself, it is already half the battle won. The rest is up to you to create history.
  • Your forecast:¬†With 2020 at your doorstep, will that be useful for you if you are able to retrieve insights from the stars on what are your next upcoming opportunities and which are the low energy periods to take note of? Will these help you to plan in advance when to amplify the good times and cushion yourself from the challenges?
  • Astrology eBook:¬†A must-have reference guide for anyone interested to find out more about how to apply astrology in daily lives.¬†
  • ‚ÄčOPTIONAL 1: You can opt to purchase an additional 6 months of forecast for a full year of 2020 customised forecast for you at only +$12
  • ‚ÄčOPTIONAL 2:¬†After numerous positive feedback from clients of previous purchases, I've included a RARE 1-on-1 60 min consultation session for first-time clients so as to answer any questions you have pertaining to your career or relationship matters. The offer will be available while it lasts. It will be shown to you upon check out and you won't find this price anywhere else! If you are serious in changing your current situation around, then I too will be equally invested to help you achieve that. UP $300 now $197 - applicable for First-Time clients. PLUS! You'll be receiving 2 additional bonuses eBooks that help you recreate a better self for personal development and manifesting what you need in order to achieve your goals quickly!
More Successful Cases
I'm glad I've came to see you. All these reports and the sessions I've with you, certainly provide way more value than what I've invested in - so much value out of every penny spent! 1 week after seeing you, I've successfully launched 2 of my property projects successfully with splendid returns. I'm convinced.  - Elijah A
I was contemplating whether or not to relocate for a new job opportunity in US, it was a great offer from an MNC but I can't let go of what I've back here. She'd warmly encouraged me to pursue my dreams but alerted me of the upcoming challenges if I were to relocate to US. I decided to let go of the offer after weighing the opportunity costs. 3 months later, guess what? That MNC has announced on an unexpected round of layoffs in US! Freaky! - Julius O
Very spot on, accurate, and straight to the point. She is professional on all levels and never hesitate to tell me the truth of what I need to know. I can't recommend her enough. Thanks Jass, you've saved me twice by giving sound advices on my businesses! - Aileen T
Although I've only ordered the cosmic secrets reports from Jass, she has been very patient in helping me to interpret on what are some of the aspects that matter to me. Thank you Jass.
- Alex F
I've already been seeing positive results with the way how my co-workers respond to me and I'm now getting invites to gatherings, parties, networking sessions and given more responsibilities to undertake more projects. Feeling happy about it 'cos it allows me to prove my worth which eventually leads to career progressions in the company. Didn't know about what's a rising star but now I'm going to pay more attention to my other zodiacs and stars than just on my DOB. :) - Aaron Q
Was retrenched back in Apr 2019 and unsure which directions in life should I be taking. After speaking with Jass, it did really help so much in sorting out my thoughts and gaining more clarity on which direction should I be embarking on for greater achievements. I'm glad I'm living my dream now and I wouldn't imagine if I didn't make the first move to see her. Thanks again and I'm so touched by your kind words and support Jass - Sid J